Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Celebrates Summer Solstice

When the people of the Empire come together to celebrate the King of Gods Taal and his spouse Rya they do it on the longest day of the year—Sonnstill (the day when the sun stands still in the skies). It’s a celebration of the good forces of life, of fertility and the power of the nature. What better way to celebrate than to bless all owners of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 with the Sonnstill Celebrations update.

We’ve given the keep a lush update with more greenery as well as a brighter appearance and added a double XP buff to all of you playing Vermintide 2 during the festivities. Oh, and don’t forget to finish the Sonnstill quests before the event ends in order to receive a unique portrait frame to flaunt even as the celebrations are over.

Together with this event, we are also patching a lot of important fixes such as proper UI scaling and all keep decorations for the Premium Edition owners. All Game Pass players can still obtain this extra content through the Premium Edition Add-on.

We hope to see you all take this perfect opportunity to gather in the keep with drinks and songs to Taal’s honour – before charging into gruesome battle once again, of course. The Sonnstill Celebrations update runs from August 1 and ends on August 8.

Robert Bäckström
Fatshark Old Timer
Warhammer Buff & Producer