Get To Know ID: Ryan, EMEA Submissions Manager

Let’s get to know our newest team member, Ryan Omar!

What is your name?

Ryan Omar

What is your quest?

To find the last map piece and the location of the monkey wrench

What is your favorite color?

Morning frost white.

What is your alignment?

Neutral good, previously lawful good.

Do you have a familiar?

I have a Tamagotchi, possibly the happiest Tamagotchi that ever there was. And a Pocket Pikachu. Do they count?

What kind of video games do you like to play?

As there seem to be fewer hours in a day now, I tend to prefer arcade-style or smaller games built for a quick but satisfying blast—racers, platformers, fighters, shoot ’em ups. I even like getting back to basics with a Game and Watch or a Tetris Microcard high score competition (with myself).

Both retro and modern games across any and all platforms appeal to me, especially something which brings with it a quirky or unique art style, or a fresh gameplay twist on an established genre. When I do have a bit more time to invest in a story it’ll be with a point and click puzzle adventure—the more wannabe pirates or wise-cracking hyperkinetic rabbit things, the better. Anything local multiplayer which encourages hijinks and malarkey rounds off my list.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Mostly 80s. Even better if accompanied by a neon-drenched, massive-shoulder-padded music video so that I have something to laugh at.

What kind of books do you read?

Quite a lot of it is around gaming. Firstly there are the magazines like Edge, Retro Gamer and GamesTM. Then there are books on its history—I’ve supported lots of Kickstarters documenting the Britsoft industry which I grew up with, from the bedroom developers to the rise of software houses like the Bitmap Brothers, Gremlin, Hewson, Ocean and Sensible Software. Those formative years of the gaming industry were the most exciting for me, where the indies of their day pushed the boundaries of design and technology with their genre defining creativity, unique charm, passion and determination. The ID@Xbox program reminds me of those days and it’s part of the reason I like it so much!

Also books about cars and motorsport engineering, just for some variety.

Do you have a secret skill that few people know about?

I know what card you’re thinking of.

What’s your favorite random fact about yourself?

I’m in the Thimbleweed Park phonebook.