Year in Review: Our Favorite Moments from 2017!

2017 is coming to a close! And we from the ID@Xbox team wanted to share some of our favorite moments from the past year.

We’ve had a ton of amazing games come out of the program, and we’re very grateful to the talented publishers and developers we’ve been able to work with.

Chris, Director

Well, when the PRIME MINISTER of CANADA tweeted to congratulate the Cuphead guys on their win at The Game Awards, that was pretty amazing!

Besides that, my standout moments of 2017 were definitely seeing smiles on the faces of our developers and Xbox players at shows like E3, Gamescom, Rezzed, PAX, and lots more. Knowing we have a role in helping developers reach players feels pretty rad.

Also our team is made up of really cool, interesting people, so anytime we get to Redmond Family Pancake House, the official Family Pancake House of ID@Xbox, and hang out a little is always super fun.

Sarah, Business Manager

My favorite moment was joining the team this year! I had already known quite a lot about ID@Xbox when supporting from the PR side, but I was thrilled for the opportunity to become more involved and support our awesome independent developers.

Jessica, Team Lead

Witnessing the introduction of churros to the Chainsawesome team during GDC. The fact that they spent the evening specifically looking for a food truck that served churros for that first taste was memorable.

I did mention to them that Disney had the best churros, but don’t think that ruined their moment. But then I saw these!!!

Who knew they existed?

Wally, Account Manager

Running myself ragged trying to get titles out the door (though it made me want to wander into traffic at times) was truly all worth it once the titles launched and positive reviews came in. Every successful launch was a great moment.

Nick, Developer Engagement

I think my favorite memory was being able to attend the IGF and GDCA awards at GDC this year. Also, meeting Jonny Galvatron at E3 was SUPER RAD. Oh—and bringing amazing games to the platform (I can’t mention any by name because they haven’t been announced yet) is potentially the most exciting thing of all time.

Becca, Events Program Manager

My favorite was taking over the Events PM role. I love going to events and meeting our awesome developers, and with this role I get to do even more of that while also personally ensuring they have the best experience possible when showing their games in our booths!

Jeff, Developer Engagement

Mine is joining the team! I’ve always been a big fan of Xbox and having been a developer before who had already worked with the ID@Xbox team, being able to be a part of it was a great opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

Nathan, Mixed Reality

Launching Windows Mixed Reality and working with launch partners for Mixed Reality has been so great!

A close second is being able to participate in the launch of Cuphead—the Cuphead party was a ton of fun! Being able to play Cuphead with coworkers for a few minutes, and then hearing about their success with two awards at TGA2017 made my day!

Scott, Submissions Manager

Mine is being hired to the team this summer! I was laid off from another non-games software company and was thrilled to return to games as a career. I’ve been in both first and third party games for Microsoft now, and I love the environment and my coworkers here at ID@Xbox!

Dan, ID Setup PM

I joined the team very recently, but my first day in the office is probably my favorite moment so far. I had only met a couple of people on the team so far, and it was getting close to lunch time. Four team members (none of which I haven’t met at this point) showed up at my desk and invited me to lunch.

After an awkward laugh I asked who they were! We made the proper introductions and then went to grab lunch. I was so excited and relieved to be on such a cool team that they’d invite someone out to lunch whom they haven’t even seen before. By now, a couple weeks later, I know we have a special team here!

Suzanne, Community Manager

The first time I made a bad pun in a meeting and there was a mixture of groans and…slightly more appreciative groans. That’s when I knew my team was awesome.

Happy New Year!
Suzanne Wallace
ID@Xbox Community Manager