Announcing Battle Garegga Rev.2016, Xbox One Release!


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The shoot ‘em up game brand from M2 Co., Ltd., M2 ShotTriggers, proudly announces our first title Battle Garegga Rev.2016 will be released on Xbox One, and released outside of Japan in English too.


About M2 ShotTriggers
Our M2 ShotTriggers brand goes beyond simply porting shoot ’em up games by adding new modes, unique rearrangements, and support features that redefine the ways of playing and enjoying these classics. We strive to make these shmups shine even brighter in the modern age than they did at the time of their original release.


■ Take flight in 3 carefully crafted game modes



As close as it gets to the original arcade version of Battle Garegga! Plus, all known issues like looping patterns or bugs that could make the game incompletable have been fixed.



This version has been fine-tuned so that even first-timers can have a blast. Enjoy the fine details of the game’s world without being overwhelmed by the difficulty.



The concept is “A New Sensation of Battle Garegga”. The difficulty lies somewhere between Arcade and Super Easy Mode, for those who are ready to take off the training wheels and challenge the next step of difficulty, or for seasoned players who want to try their scoring skills with a new set of rules for a refreshing experience.


Can’t find the exact mode for your play style? Don’t fret, because you can also fine tune the settings as you see fit. From difficulty to visibility, you can tweak the details and controls to take control of your experience. From the basics like difficulty, button configuration, screen mode, to detailed settings like disabling the Rank System, changing the bullet colors to be more visible, or automatic collection of Medal Items, the ways to customize your game are nearly endless.


Each mode has online score ranking, plus replay recording and sharing features. Fight the never ending battle of increasing your high score, or download replays of high ranking players to take a peek at their techniques. Utilize the features as you see fit to get more from your game.


■ Equip M2 Gadgets for the ultimate player support system


Each stage’s score, boss stamina, remaining time, and other useful information for mastering the game are displayed in real-time in the M2 Gadgets. Perhaps the most helpful is the Rank Graph Gadget which allows you to keep an eye on the Rank assigned to your player that causes the game’s difficulty to increase as you proceed. We strongly recommend this extremely useful gadget to allow players to visualize the mysterious Rank System for the first time ever.


■ BGM Sets Expand Battle Garegga’s Sound


We proudly offer 4 different sets of background music to accompany your game in Battle Garegga Rev. 2016. Match up any game mode with your favorite tunes.


Rev.2016 perfect edition

The original composer, Manabu Namiki, has powered up the BGM with stereo sound and the imaginary sound chip M2PCM to create the ultimate version of his soundtrack.


Original Arcade

A faithful recreation of the original arcade version BGM.


Saturn Arranged version

This version recreates the Sega Saturn home console remix BGM from 1998.


2016 Remix version

A digest version of tracks from the 2016 release SweepRecord Battle Garegga Complete Soundtrack compiled for use as game BGM.


■ What is Battle Garegga?

An Arcade Legend…

In 1996, a vertical scrolling shoot ’em up game launched in Japanese arcades. Its finely detailed, gritty pixel art graphics, extremely challenging difficulty, and Detroit techno-influenced soundtrack by Manabu Namiki caught the attention of players throughout the country. When video game magazines featured high scores from the game for the first time, readers were shocked to see no one had actually succeeded in beating the game. The ruthless level of difficulty became legendary among gamers at the time.

The Secrets of the Rank System

Eventually, players discovered that as they proceed, they are assigned a dynamic “Rank” based on their skill. The better they play, the more difficult the game becomes. Bit by bit, the exact details of the game’s system were uncovered, passed along among hardcore players through word of mouth at arcades. Thus began a fierce battle to figure out a strategy to clear the game, and a battle to achieve high scores that continues to this day.

An Enduring Legacy

Its intense showers of bullets also became one of the inspirations for the “bullet hell” genre of shmups. Because of its strong impact on players and the industry, Battle Garegga is thought of as a masterpiece title that greatly altered the shoot ‘em up genre forever. However, with only a single port being made for the Japanese Sega Saturn, Battle Garegga has long been a rare and collectable title, out of reach for most modern gamers… Until now!
Battle Garegga Rev.2016

Release date: 9/29/2017

Pre-order date: 9/21/2017

Regions: USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Hong Kong, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Japan

Platforms: Xbox One (Download)

ESRB Rating: E

Players: 1~2 Players (Online: 1 Player)

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