Community Plays: Week of May 12th

Hey All,

We’re introducing a new feature where we’ll share a little bit about what members of the ID@Xbox Community have been playing. Here’s what a number of awesome people in our community have been playing this week:


Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap:

Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap was a title I got quite excited about when it was announced. It is a reboot of the 1989 title Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap, a game I have fond memories of playing for hours on end all those years ago on Sega Master System. The reboot features a whole new visual style and soundtrack, with the addition of being able to play as Wonder Girl too.

The core game remains exactly the same as the original, to the point where you can not only switch over to retro visuals and audio, but the save game codes from the original game work with it too. A huge nostalgia trip for myself, and I urge anyone that remembers this gem to give it a go. Kudos to Lizardcube and DotEmu for creating a worthy reboot of a cult classic.

Purchase Info: Microsoft Store

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Cities: Skylines, Outlast 2, and Death Squared:









This past week or so saw a bunch of great releases to the ID@Xbox program! For myself, I’m currently playing three titles, with one being a release from a few weeks ago.

First, it’s probably no surprise I’m playing Cities: Skylines much like everyone else. I’ve been a huge fan of this game for a long time and being able to play it on my Xbox One has been a great time! My wife and I have taken our tradition of collaborating on a city and extended it over to the Xbox. Sure, we may have had to restart our city two or three (or four) times, but it’s been a blast!

In a game that is completely outside the norm for me, I’m slowly inching my way into Outlast 2. Scary games are not only out of my strike zone, they’re not even in the same ballpark! Still, after hearing such great things from the community about the game, I’ve decided to take the plunge. I’m not too far into the journey just yet, but I’ve hit some real intense scare points and now I sleep with the TV on again.

Lastly, a game that has struck the best of chords with both my significant other and I has been Death Squared. The local co-op puzzle game has been on our playlist for a while now, as we’ll play through a dozen-or-so levels at a time. We’re now just over halfway through the main storyline and when that’s finished, it’ll be time to switch over to Party Mode and see what hilarity will continue to ensue.

So that’s what I’ve got going on over the past week. What are you playing?

Purchase Info: Cities: Skylines | Outlast 2 | Death Squared

Nick’s Bio: Nick DiMeo – Find Nick on Twitter at @f5penguin. He’s a Founding Xbox Ambassador, broadcaster, technology advocate, and event host. You can see watch him stream on the Xbox Ambassador’s Beam channel and his own Beam channel as well!

Thimbleweed Park:

From the creative mind of Ron Gilbert, Thimbleweed Park is a point & click adventure game that pays homage to the 80’s classics such as Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken. Filled with quirky one liners, fantastic characters and a wide range of puzzles, Thimbleweed Park sets a new standard for modern day adventure games with its wonderful story and classic art style.

Although we are relatively early in the year, Thimbleweed Park has already become one of my favourite games of 2017 and it is a credit to the game creators that they have been able to bring a game style back from 30 years ago and make it feel so very modern. Thimbleweed Park is a wonderful game that I encourage everyone to experience.

Purchase Info: Microsoft Store

Dave’s Bio: Dave (Deelz) reviewer at Xbox Gamer Reviews you can find him on Twitter and and on the XGR Twitter. If you would like to see any of Dave’s reviews check out the website Xbox Gamer Reviews.

Cities: Skylines:

This week I have been emerged into the life of being the Mayor of my own city ‘Westfield’ in the newly released game Cities: Skylines on the Xbox One.  Cities is a game that lets you create your own city!  You start off with just a freeway off ramp.  Build your first road and then build water and power utilities.  With those done you can set your zones (residential, commercial and industrial).  Once you have that done the people will come to your city.  It starts small but once you get it going you get to manage traffic, lots of traffic.

As your city grows you unlock new services and buildings.  Medical, police and fire are important to space out and have plenty of.  My favorite unlock has been the trains for sure.  You can build a cargo hub to move product in and out of your city as well as a light rail for the people to move around.  Once I had my tracks laid out, it was like my own virtual train set.  Watching the trains come and go has been very relaxing.

Purchase Info: Microsoft Store

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Artifex Mundi Titles:









Artifex Mundi are the undisputed champions of the point and click adventure genre with more than half a dozen titles now available on the Xbox One. From the steampunk inspired Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink to the fantasy world of their Nightmares from the Deep series, each game offers a world overflowing with mystery and intrigue. Each Artifex Mundi title is headlined by strong willed and intelligent female protagonist who must use her wits to uncover clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately save the day. Artifex Mundi titles follow a formula that works exceptionally well in which players are presented with scenes where they can poke around and find useful items – either hidden among the scene itself or by activating a hidden object puzzle – that then can be used to solve a puzzle and progress the story.

These puzzles come in all styles and difficulties, some of which require players to navigate changing mazes or solve riddles using clues from the scene. Its with these puzzles that Artifex Mundi really shines, as they manage to create puzzles that are just the right amount of challenging and fit them seamlessly into each game’s world in a way that does not feel forced. Whether you’re looking for a story rooted in mythology like Grim Legends or Eventide, or something a little more grim and spooky like Nightmares from the Deep or Dark Arcana, Artifex Mundi has an adventure for everyone.

Purchase Info: Microsoft Store

Cole’s Bio: Cole (Eternal Rhage) reviewer at Xbox Gamer Reviews you can find her on Twitter and on the XGR Twitter. If you would like to see any of Cole’s reviews check out the website Xbox Gamer Reviews.

Rise and Shine:

Rise and Shine is one of my top 10 ID@Xbox games of all time but it’s so brutal! This game really pulled me in with the artwork and music. I did get to review this game for Super Mega Team, a brilliant Spanish indie development team. While some people may see a 2D side-scrolling shoot-em-up, it just feels so unique and made with passion. Rise and Shine just pulled me in!

Playing for countless hours, trigger tapping to shoot the enemies as sometimes you will be overwhelmed looking for cover, switching ammo types to kill certain enemy types. While progressing through the story you will be challenged with several puzzle’s and minigames, shooting bullet bombs as balls to score in basketball, guiding a seeker bullet while to avoid other bullets to see how long you can last and other types of puzzles to progress through the story. Overall there you can’t go wrong with this game i really liked it and if you have not picked it up yet you should take a look.

Purchase Info: Microsoft Store

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Butcher is a game that caught me off guard, it’s retro artwork and feel was something I stupidly didn’t think would do all that well, after playing the blood soaked love letter to shooters of the 90’s my mind was completely changed, watching a video of Butcher will not do the game any justice, you have to play it and feel the 90’s generation it’s based on, for retro gamers or anyone with fond memories of 90’s gaming Butcher is a game you have to check out.

Transhuman Design and Crunching Koalas set out the task of implementing the 90’s shooter genre into a game which could be played on modern day systems without changing the feel or look yet adding a few twists you will find in todays games, it may not look like much but it’s quickly turned into one of my favourite ID@Xbox releases I advise everyone to take a look!

Purchase Info: Microsoft Store

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Jill Conto
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