Aaero is out April 11th on Xbox One!


Aaero is a beautiful and challenging rhythm game with shooter elements where you’ll use the left thumbstick to control your ship, following light beams that reflect a part of the song. As you progress through the level you’ll also encounter shooter elements controlled using the right thumbstick. It sounds easy, but the pacing and design of the levels creates a challenging experience for every gamer. The game also includes a varied and fun licensed soundtrack of great tunes that work well with the gameplay. Fans of rhythm games with a new twist will love Aaero!

Purchase Info: Microsoft Store | Release Trailer: YouTube | Game Website: Aaero

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Release Regions: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

Jill Conto
ID@Xbox Community Manager