Happy Wars – New Deathbringer item set, Special Challenge, and more!

New items for mages have arrived! The Limited Campaign of this week is “Featured Item Snatch Campaign”.


Can you guess the items? It’s the latest set from the Item Design Contest Winners!


“Featured Item Snatch Campaign” is a campaign where all Super Premium Items that you receive in Happy Cards Limited Edition are Featured Items.

The chances to obtain Super Premium Items are 100% during Happy Time, and 7% outside of Happy Time.
Due to high demand and popularity, this time the “Featured Item Snatch Campaign” runs for two weeks until Wednesday, June 15.


The new “Deathbringer Set” is one of the Featured Items of this campaign!

“Deathbringer Set” is the Item Design Contest winner mage set.
The “Deathbringer” is a perfect set for whoever wants to inspire fear into their enemies’ hearts!


“Deathbringer Set” (New Items!)

Item Type Item Name Fixed Buff Name
Helmet Deathbringer Hood Empty Slot
Armor Deathbringer Cloak Empty Slot
Weapon Rod of Damnation Warrior Slayer
Weapon Scythe of Damnation S. Warrior Slayer
Accessory Horns of Death Empty Slot


The buff “Warrior Slayer” on the weapon is really a must-have buff, essential for high rank mages.
There are probably many users who were longing for a weapon with this fixed buff!

“Rod of Damnation” is evolvable to “Scythe of Damnation,” which makes it look even more like a bringer of death.

Get the “Deathbringer set” now, and get known throughout the world of Happy Wars as an invincible mage!



List of Featured Items


Item Type Item Name
Helmet Deathbringer Hood
Armor Deathbringer Cloak
Weapon Rod of Damnation
Accessory Horns of Death
Helmet Grim Reaper’s Mask
Armor Grim Reaper’s Suit
Weapon Grim Reaper’s Staff
Accessory Skeletal Specimen



Item Type Item Name
Helmet Boar Helm
Armor Boar Hide Armor
Weapon Wild Strike
Shield Boar Shield
Helmet Executioner’s Mask
Armor Executioner’s Armor
Weapon Executioner’s Blade
Shield Vampire Guillotine



Item Type Item Name
Helmet Nutcracker Helm
Armor Military Band Armor
Weapon March Bugle
Shield Military Drum
Helmet Devil’s Horn
Armor Devil’s Armor
Weapon Staff of Disaster
Shield Cursed Shield


*Please note that the Limited Campaign will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.

*You can also check the items in the “Item Lineup” window inside Happy Cards Limited Edition.

*Shields are used by Warriors and Clerics, while Accessories are common to all classes.




“Special Challenge” will open this weekend!


“Special Challenge” is a limited time mode where you cooperate with your allies and fight against well prepared AI team. The rules are the same as the Co-op Mode; destroying the Big Tower determines victory or defeat.

In this case, you are going to challenge the team of evil bears “Grizzlies.”


The exciting part of this “Special Challenge” is that you are guaranteed to receive equip items!

In this season, you can get the bear-looking items for sure if you collect Co-op points from “Special Challenge”, because the limited items are added to the season’s Co-op rewards.

Who wouldn’t like those cute bears?

The bear equip set is the bear hunters’ pride! There are many items for a wide arrange of points, so either if you started collecting points last week or this week, cooperate to defeat the “Grizzlies”!



Item Type Item Name
Helmet Little Bear
Armor Teddy Bear Suit
Weapon Honeybee’s Hive
Shield Honey Shield
Helmet Honey Hungry Bear
Armor Grizzly Bear Suit
Weapon Hornet’s Hive
Shield Quality Honey Shield


“Special Challenge” will be open for the whole weekend.

The opening time will be as follows:


Friday, June 3 at 7 p.m. (EST/EDT) – Sunday, June 5 at 7 p.m. (EST/EDT)

Saturday, June 4 at 0:00 (UTC) – Monday, June 6 at 0:00 (UTC)


*Returning to the title screen at the opening time is no longer necessary!

You can now play “Save the PIRATE KING” straight away even if you were playing another game mode before the opening time.


“Item Shop Sale” is here.


All items in the Item Shop are now 25% off!

The Item Shop staff are waiting for you with a rich selection of items such as the “Magic Keys” which are super master keys for locked treasure boxes, the “Type Stickers” that allow you to receive specific class’ items in Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition, and all sorts of “Premium Memberships” which allow you to receive various privileges.
Why don’t you try many items in this occasion?


“Item Shop Sale” ends on Wednesday, June 8.