Manual Samuel is coming to Xbox One

SpillLogo_ManualSamuelSmallHey guys! Ozan from Perfectly Paranormal here and gosh jolly darmnit are we happy to announce Manual Samual on Xbox One with the help of Curve Digital! We’ve been working on this bananas, cartoon styled adventure game for a long time and we cannot wait to get it into your hands! Which we assume are shaking from excitement! (If you are not excited, but still shaking, go see a doctor immidiately.)


For those of you that might not know what Manual Samuel is, it’s a rad game that’s basically Monkey Island meets QWOP on a blind date arranged by Grim Fandango’s sister. Samuel has it all, the cars, the girls, the money. But after a slight disagreement with a septic tank truck, he finds himself bargaining for his life. Eventually Samuel agrees a deal for for his life with Death (because that is always a great idea) and now has to do everything manually for 24 hours. For a man that’s used to having people feed him every day, this agreement is a little more difficult than expected.

Manual Samuel_screenshot_cafe

Manual Samuel will leave you *literally* breathless as you have to manage almost everything from blinking, to breathing and even disposing of your own bodily waste! As it turns out, breathing as you try to put a sweater on and coordinating which arm goes where can get pretty tricky. We’ve set all these things up for you to play around with and this can lead to some pretty hilarious outcomes. I don’t think I can count the amount of times that Sam’s back has ended up flopped on the floor, his legs spread apart hobbling along to the next room. Ah man, it still cracks me up!

Manual Samuel_screenshot_livingroom

We’ve made this amazing cast of characters for you to interact with, from the cheeky narrator who responds to what you do, calls you out on your mistakes and more to my personal favourite- Death. Death is stuck 15 years behind the rest of the world. He probably listens to Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park at home all day, playing skateboarding videogames because he can’t actually skate. He even has a twitter account! @Death_4_Lyfe which you can follow for classics like : “So where it be happening @ Hell today yo? I can’t believe I ain’t invited to any parties again.”

There’s a lot of character as well as a lot of challenge involved in playing Manual Samuel and we’ve had a blast making it. We can’t wait to bring this game to everyone but we can’t quite go into specifics on when it’s going to come out yet. However, we can say that it will definitely be sometime between 2016 and the great robot uprising of year 3000. (We are leaning towards 2016). Thank you so much for reading and I hope you are looking forward to Manual Samuel!




Also, we are single.