This Week in Happy Wars – Thanksgiving Edition!


How are you spending your Thanksgiving this year?

Thanksgiving holiday is happening in America. In that spirit, Happy Wars stages are decorated with thanksgiving themed objects, and the Sacred Armor has turned into grilled turkey.

Please enjoy Happy Wars with your family and friends this holiday!


Thanksgiving decoration lasts until November 30 (Monday).


20151126_ScoreGaloreCampaignWe have two campaigns this week! First one is “The Score-Grabbing Campaign.”

Any scores you obtain in multiplayer modes like Quick Match and Co-op Play will immediately increase 30%!

By earning higher scores, not only does your character’s rank go up, but also, your chances improve for getting really good items in the item boxes that appear during multiplayer.

When your rank increases, your ability to equip a wide range of items improves, so take advantage of this campaign to develop your character!


“The Score-Grabbing Campaign” lasts until November 30 (Monday).


Second one is “Item Box You Will Be Happy to Get” campaign!

During the campaign, any item boxes you find in multiplayer mode such as Quick Match, Co-op, etc. will have a better chance of giving you better items than usual.

Take advantage of this chance to obtain cool items by playing lots of Multiplayer mode.


“Item Box You Will Be Happy to Get” lasts until November 30 (Monday).


“The Score-Grabbing Campaign” and “Item Box You Will Be Happy to Get” can be taken advantage of by playing multiplayer mode. This is the chance to get better items from item boxes and earn big scores, so play lots of multiplayer mode!


Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances to obtain Warrior item “Gladiator Set,” and the new Mage item “Death Metal Set.”


Here are the probabilities for getting Super Premium items in general, and the weekly hand-picked items in particular.


The probability of obtaining a Super Premium item is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times.

The probability of obtaining this week’s hand-picked items is 50% of the general Super Premium item rate.


Class Item Name Item Kind
Warrior Gladiator Helm Helmet
Gladiator Mail Armor
1,000 Manslayer Weapon
Gladiator Shield Shield
Class Item Name Item Kind
Cleric Heavy Metal Mohawk Helmet
Heavy Metal Costume Armor
Metal Head Weapon
Fearsome Amp Accessory


Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until November 30 (Monday).