This Week in Happy Wars – Level up!

20151112_ItemLevelUpCampaignThis week’s campaign is “Up! Up! Level-Up! Campaign!”

During this campaign, you need 25% less Happy Stars and Happy Tickets for Item Level-Up, and the item experience point values of the items used as material to level-up weapons are worth 25% more!

This campaign gives you a great opportunity to level-up your items faster than usual. By leveling-up your items, you may be able to defeat strong nemesis you couldn’t beat before.


“Up! Up! Level-Up! Campaign!” runs until November 18 (Wednesday).



“Special Challenge” is here for two weeks.

“Special Challenge” mode is a game mode that players join forces to defeat a strong boss.

This time, enemies from “Special Challenge” #5 led by “Ancient Tree” and dark magic specialists “Book of Magic” are back to attack you.

These “Wise Men” use ancient knowledge to defeat you, but if you gather all brains and force of your teammate, victory isn’t far from reality!


“Special Challenge” runs until November 25 (Wednesday).


*Now, you can also earn Co-op points in “Special Challenge.” For Co-op rewards, the items below are added as part of Co-op reward.

Class Item Name Item Kind
Mage Stylish Hat Helmet
Stylish Suit Armor
Crystal Rod Weapon
Monocle Accessory
Brave Hat Helmet
Brave Suit Armor
Brave Rod Weapon
Precious Monocle Accessory



Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances to obtain Warrior item “Psycho Killer Set,” and the new Mage item “Flaming Mage Set.”


Here are the probabilities for getting Super Premium items in general, and the weekly hand-picked items in particular.


The probability of obtaining a Super Premium item is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times.

The probability of obtaining this week’s hand-picked items is 50% of the general Super Premium item rate.


Class Item Name Item Kind
Warrior Splatter Mask Helmet
Serial Killer Suit Armor
Massacre Machete Weapon
Flayed Skin Shield Shield
Class Item Name Item Kind
Mage Flame Hat Helmet
Flame Robe Armor
Mechanical Torch Weapon
Fire Extinguisher Accessory


Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until November 18 (Wednesday).