Smite Xbox One Open Beta and Upcoming Community Stream!


If you haven’t been able to play Smite on Xbox One yet, don’t despair! We’ve announced it once, and we’ll announce it again.. Smite for Xbox One will be in open beta this Wednesday, July 8th.

Because the open beta is this Wednesday, we’ve decided to celebrate by having another community stream. Everyone had a great time during our last Smite community stream, so lets have a replay! You can join us July 8th at from 3-5pm pacific time. Stop by, play some Smite matches with us, and cheer for us! Or I suppose you could cheer for the other team… but really, you want to cheer for us. 😉

And by the way.. if you haven’t heard, there are now 59 achievements available to unlock in versus mode. So once open beta launches, go forth and collect all of them!

See you in Smite on Wednesday from 3-5pm pacific.