Hardcore Gamer looks at The Solus Project

solusYou probably saw The Solus Project during the E3 montage video, and the subsequent full trailer release. Hardcore Gamer got hands-on with the game, here’s what they had to say:

The Solus Project takes place in the not too distant future. The Earth is dying, and humanity now looks towards the stars to save itself. Humanity sends a spacecraft to a new planet, but something happens and the ship crashes. You are the only survivor, and this is where the game begins.

To beat the game, you’ll need to survive and build a communications tower to signal Earth. I began my demo session by exiting the destroyed spacecraft, collecting as much water and food as I could possibly hold. Inventory space is limited so I had leave some stuff behind. I also took the time to look at my PDA, which relayed important information to me. The planet’s temperature, hydration levels, and weather are all important factors when it comes to survival on this planet.

For more, head on over and check out the full preview!