Smite on Xbox One is in Closed Beta!


Have you heard the news?

Smite on Xbox One is officially in closed beta! There are still plenty of codes floating around, but if you want in on the fun now and haven’t been lucky enough to grab a code yet, you can start playing by buying the Founder’s Pack!

But what is the Founder’s Pack?

The Founder Pack for Smite on Xbox One gives you access to all current and future gods. It also includes an Ares Skin (Soldier of Fortune), a Ymir Skin (Cacodemon X), 400 gems, and of course… INSTANT BETA ACCESS!

New to Smite?

Check out our last post on Smite for Xbox One to learn how to get started playing the game.


And for reading until the end..

here are some beta keys for you to redeem on the Xbox One store so you can start playing Smite for free! Let us know if you redeem one so we can high five you :).






Happy Gaming SMITE-ing!