Beyond Eyes – A sensory adventure


If you follow us on Facebook, last week we shared the first trailer for Beyond Eyes, a game about a blind girl looking for her cat. Now, the Xbox Wire team takes another look at the game.

The game is drawn in a beautiful, watercolor-esque style that is revealed as Rae moves from place to place. She encounters environmental objects and obstacles – often things that she has no visual frame of reference for, and which therefore appear as placeholders to her, and to the player. For example, a leaky, rusty runoff pipe might appear to be a beautiful fountain at first, since this is the closest thing Rae has in her visual memory banks to fit the sound she is hearing emanate from it.

Be sure to check out the full article for more details, and stay tuned for more Beyond Eyes news in the weeks to come! Beyond Eyes is due out later this year from Team 17 and tiger & squid.