#IDARB Gameday Challenge!


We’re only weeks away from the big game – That’s right! #IDARB launches on February 1st, and we need your help to celebrate it! You see, the launch is on the same day as that other big game, and we’re going to use #IDARB to pick a winner. So why do we need you? Glad you asked.

We’ve got a couple codes for the game to give away, and right now, this is the only way to get your hands on the game before it comes out! This is where you come in. We’re going to be simulating the Big Game in #IDARB, but we’ll need teams to do so! #IDARB features a fantastic character creator, and everyone who submits a character for us to use will have a chance to win a code.

Additionally, we need you to join us on Wednesday January 28th, as we play through the match. Cheer on your favorite team, hashbomb to sabotage the other team, and make your picks for the winner. We’ll have another code to give away during the show, so be sure to tune in!


And now for the fine print-

Here’s what you’ll need to enter the character creator sweepstakes:

Using the character creator at idarb.com, create a character from one of the two teams. Make sure to give it a name and description, and Save your Sprite!

Upon saving, the site will give you an “Official #IDARB Certificate of Creation” (see sample above). Save this image, and upload it as a comment on this ID@Xbox Facebook post, with the hashtag #IDARBHawks or #IDARBPats. This is your entry. One entry per person.

All entries must be received by 9am PST on Monday, January 26th.

One winner per hashtag will be drawn, and the winner will receive a code for #IDARB.

Official Rules