E3 is fast approaching, and we’re getting very excited to see you all again! This year the Electronic Entertainment Expo will be held on June 12-14, in the Los Angeles Convention Center as always. That’s only 7 weeks away—trust me, it’ll be here in a flash!

And we know what you’re wondering…

What games will be there?

What events can we participate in?

Will we see Chris Charla looking like a rockstar?

While it’s still a bit too early for us to tell you all about our plans this year, we’ll definitely have some ID@Xbox games available to play in the Xbox booth. A bunch of our team members will trek out to bright and sunny Los Angeles, and they’ll be available to meet with you and chat all about the program and our titles.

If you attend E3, we hope you’ll stop by our area and hang out with us—we love seeing gamers and developers in person!

You can find out more about what the whole Xbox team has planned for this year, here.

Suzanne Wallace
ID@Xbox Community Manager