As we head off to GDC, it’s time to reveal our grand prize for the ID@Xbox GDC Sweepstakes!

“But we already know what it is! It’s the skateboard!” I seem to hear you say. THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK. Because this year, we’ve got a new skateboard design:

Isn’t it pretty?? As director Chris Charla (resident sk8ter boi) says, “For the ID@Xbox skateboard this year we wanted to do something different. We always make sure our boards are legit, real skateboards (7-play Canadian maple), so this year we decided to work with I Draw Mazes (Eric J Eckert). Eckert is a Nebraska-based artist who combines his love of skating and mazes; he’s been drawing mazes for more than 30 years!”

“For our previous three decks, we’ve done the ID logo really big in different colors. Which is cool, but this year we wanted to feature the iconic Xbox controller. Although a lot of ID@Xbox decks get ridden, a good number end up displayed, so we wanted something that would look nice hung on a wall, too.”

Coolest of all, the maze design on the board is really solvable. It’s also super hard!

Everyone attending GDC this year will have a chance of nabbing a deck, via our sweepstakes!

Suzanne Wallace
ID@Xbox Community Manager