Gaming the Holidays: Games for the Sports Lover

Whether you’re into sports or not, there’s no doubt that one of your relatives (let’s call him Cousin Ted) will be eager to watch The Game over the holidays. Even if their favorite season is over, they’ll want to talk about every aspect of their team, game strategy, and their gaming hopes for the upcoming year.

You may be a fellow sports nut—or not! Either way, video games are a great way to engage Cousin Ted in something you can both enjoy. Here are our top suggestions for: Games for the Sports Lover.

Bush Hockey League

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This nostalgic hockey simulator will take you and Cousin Ted back to the good ol’ days of hockey—complete with fistfights on the ice. Bush Hockey League is an old school arcade style hockey game with a 70s theme (expect to see afros, big moustaches, and no helmets)!

Play in co-op or multiplayer to work together or smash each other into the ice. You and Cousin Ted can also play in Story Mode, and experience the struggles of an underdog team in the Bush Hockey League that’s having a rough time and needs your teamwork to help them triumph!


Crazy Strike Bowling EX

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Maybe you and Cousin Ted would like to relax a bit and go bowling? Rather than brave the chilly outdoors, gather everyone into the living room and play this adorable bowling simulator! With fun characters, unlockable new areas (from Amazon forests to Egyptian pyramids), this is a great way to challenge Cousin Ted to a fun-filled game.

With Exhibition Mode, Crazy Mode, Challenge Mode, and Battle Mode, there’s a fun way for every family gathering to knock down some pins.


NBA Playgrounds

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Cousin Ted had better rustle up his A game if he wants to beat you in this NBA arcade action game. With cool acrobatic moves and ridiculous displays of skill, NBA Playgrounds will make both you and Cousin Ted feel like superstars.

You can collect your favorite players from a massive roster of current and retired NBA players from every team. Travel to playgrounds across the globe to compete in online matches against the very best with your massive arsenal of dunks and moves!

R.B.I. Baseball 17

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Game on! For the baseball lover, this is a great way to game over the holidays. Build your own lineups (the game includes all 30 MLB teams, over 1,000 MLB players), or play with classic rosters. Then, pit your teams against each other! Games are fast-paced and fun—you and Cousin Ted can play a full nine-inning game in under 20 minutes.


Canadian Football 2017

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Maybe Cousin Ted knows football, but does he know Canadian football? This gridiron football simulator has fast, explosive offensive action, which should get you and Cousin Ted raring to destroy each other on the field. You can even get more family members involved with multiplayer!


The real question is…who will be the champion of the holidays?

Happy (gaming) holidays!

Suzanne Wallace
ID@Xbox Community Manager