Night in the Woods: Interview with the Finji Team

Night in the Woods is an adventure game focused on exploration, story, and character. This immensely popular game is coming out on Xbox One on December 13!

In addition to the much-loved core story, the Xbox One release will include the Weird Autumn edition, which is the definitive version of the game! We asked the wonderful team behind the game to tell us more about Weird Autumn and what Xbox One players can expect when they get their paws (ahem, we mean hands) on their console versions of Night in the Woods.

Night in the Woods includes incredible dream sequences that Mae experiences throughout the game. Will these sequences see an update in the Weird Autumn edition?

We couldn’t possibly comment on specifics, but it’s safe to say there are some new things to find all throughout the game.

This definitive edition includes two mini episodes, Longest Night and Lost Constellation. What will these additions to the story focus on?

Both LN and LC focus on the stories and traditions of the world of Night In the Woods centered on the solstice holiday Longest Night. It also gives us a look at Mae and others before the events of the game proper. Attentive players will find a lot of crossover between the supplemental games and Night in the Woods.

Will there be more crimes?

Of course. Always more crimes.

Is there anything else that players can expect to see from the Xbox One version of the game?

The game and the supplementals have been really well received elsewhere, and Xbox One players will be the first console players to get a look at all of it in one place. It’s a lot of work over three years of our team getting to know each other and the world we were playing around in. Hope you all enjoy it!


With the Weird Autumn edition, you have the chance to get the most completest version of Night in the Woods on Xbox One! Stay tuned for this to appear on your console on December 13!

Suzanne Wallace
ID@Xbox Community Manager