Hello Neighbor: Interview with the tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels Team

Hello Neighbor is, simply put, a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor’s house. With self-described “extremely tense gameplay,” the most exciting part of the game is the incredible opponent AI. As you play the game, The Neighbor gathers information about your decisions and tactics, and develops counter-actions to defeat you, specifically. The more you play, the smarter and more dangerous The Neighbor becomes!

In our anticipation of this supercool game coming out, we asked the tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels Team to share some tidbits about the game and its development.


There’s great juxtaposition in Hello Neighbor between a bright visual depiction of suburbia and the stealth horror gameplay. What was the original inspiration for this setting?

We were inspired by several things, including Hitchcock’s Rear Window, suspenseful thrillers like Disturbia and the sci-fi TV show Orphan Black, where seemingly friendly suburban neighbors could be hiding sinister secrets.

Even the title plays into the contrast between a friendly setting and horror gameplay. How did you land on the title Hello Neighbor?

Hello Neighbor was built around the game name! The lead designer of the game came up with the name at the concept stage. When he pitched the game to the team after a half a year or so, he was already calling the game “Hello, Neighbor!” and the name stuck. We never even thought about changing the name during the development process. There was just a slight modification: a comma after “Hello” and the exclamation mark were removed for consistency.

You worked a ton with your community to playtest the game. What was a community suggestion that you added to Hello Neighbor that wouldn’t have ended up in the game otherwise?

Hello Neighbor is a truly community-driven game. It was designed for people to play, share, and discuss potential puzzle solutions and game secrets. One of the community suggestions (or rather, conspiracy theories) was the evolving story around the Golden Apple, that we decided to implement in the game. Another feature that ended up in the game thanks to our fans is the game mods: a sandbox that gives players an ability to build and play their own game levels.


Don’t miss out on the chance to stalk your neighbor and uncover his foul deeds before he outwits you! Hello Neighbor is now available for pre-order and will release on Xbox One on December 8!

Suzanne Wallace
ID@Xbox Community Manager