What We’re Thankful for This Year at ID@Xbox!

We hope your harvest holiday was festive, flavorful, and filled with loved ones. As we all relax and begin to digest, our team wanted to share what we’re all thankful for this year.

Yes, we made this. We’re not sorry. We love you.

David, Program Manager

I’m thankful for: Everyone on the ID@Xbox team!


Karen, Solutions Manager

I’m thankful for: Digital yule logs.


James, Account Manager

I’m thankful for: My wonderful family and friends!


Sarah, Business Manager

I’m thankful for: Time off to catch up on my games backlog, and CATS.



Jessica, Team Lead

I’m thankful for: Being alive, a gift that we sometimes take for granted!


Tim, Submissions Manager

I’m thankful for: My cats not catching fleas over the summer!


Scott, Submissions Manager

I’m thankful for: Maria the Witch! My toddler loves the game.


Curran, Developer Onboading

I’m thankful for: Costco’s All American Chocolate Cake.


Nick, Developer Engagement

I’m thankful for: Joining the ID@Xbox team, the other new people who have joined, working with indie developers–and my new Xbox One X.


Jeff, Developer Engagement

I’m thankful for: My new home (we just moved in!) and joining the ID@Xbox team.


Suzanne, Community Manager

I’m thankful for: Getting to join the awesome team at ID@Xbox! Also my corgi.


What are YOU thankful for this year?

Suzanne Wallace
ID@Xbox Community Manager