GameGuide: ID games coming to Xbox week of Oct 24th – Oct 28th

Platformers, side-scrollers, an rpg and a physics-based truck…former? Check out the sweet releases this week on Xbox!

Tuesday, October 25th:

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal (Badland Games)





Super cute game that’s fun for all ages. Mini-games, multiple worlds to explore, and lots to accomplish! Check out the trailer on the dev website.

A world destroyed by a crystal explosion, a mysterious threat hanging over its inhabitants, and a goddess who creates a hero. This is Ginger: Beyond The Crystal. The towns are devastated and their inhabitants disappeared, but there is still hope. Ginger must reestablish the connection with the goddess by purifying corrupted crystals that have spread throughout the worlds. It won’t be easy; the worlds are full of enemies and traps across 15 different levels. Luckily, you will not be alone. Some characters will give you special abilities that will help you solve puzzles and defeat your enemies. There are three different worlds to discover, each one with its own enemies and incredibly fun bonus levels to test your skills.




Kyurinaga’s Revenge (Recotechnology)



Ninja vegetables! Family-friendly game that’s great for couch coop!

Description: Kyurinaga’s Revenge is a 3D platformer with high doses of action. It features challenging puzzles and frenetic combat! The sequel to Yasai Ninja, this game features new characters and enemies, including samurai, ninja, ronin and more! Play solo or with a friend in local coop.


Wednesday, October 26th:

Saturday Morning RPG (Mighty Rabbit Studios)




Thissaturdaymorning highly-rated rpg is available to play on Xbox! The soundtrack & pixel art are simply fantastic. (Keep an eye out for an interview with the dev – We’ll have it up next week!)

Description: Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic JRPG set in a world heavily inspired by 1980’s Saturday morning cartoons and pop culture. Players take on the role of Martin “Marty” Michael Hall, an average high school student who has just been granted an incredible power – a power that ultimately leads him to attract the ire of the world’s most notorious villain, Commander Hood! Saturday Morning RPG features a full soundtrack by legendary composer Vince DiCola and his composing partner, Kenny Meriedeth.

Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo (Mind’s Eye Games)




blastbrawlChallenging, super fun & super fast. Explode your enemies in glorious combat!

Description: A fast-paced fighting game where any hit means death! Battle your friends as a vastly diverse selection of characters, experiencing intense combat where every blow earns a kill, and skill reigns supreme. And what’s victory without a little dance?


Exile’s End (Magnetic Realms)




This gamexilesendbige reminds us a lot of the side-scrollers at the arcades of our youth! Very interesting story, very nostalgic. If you liked TMNT or X-Men arcade games as a kid, this is a good download for you this week. 

Description: An exploration driven side-scrolling adventure through a massive, interconnected laboratory and mining complex on a moody, lonely alien world.


Friday, October 28th:

Clustertruck (TinyBuild)




The concept is simplclustertrucke: jump from truck to truck without falling off – but the application is a little harder! This is a fun game whether you’re playing alone or if you’re having a high score competition with a friend. 

Description: ClusterTruck is a chaotic physics based truckformer. Jump your way through insane levels in a game of “the floor is lava” on op of speeding trucks driven by terrible drivers. The game only gets harder when dangers such as swinging hammers, lasers, and flamethrowers are added.




That’s it for this week – Check in next week for new releases & hit us up on Twitter (@ID_Xbox) to let us know what you thought of this week’s games. 



Kristen Jensen
ID@Xbox Community Manager