Battle the Boss in Happy Wars this week!

“Boss Mission” continues from last week!


In this season, the Co-op Mode is switched to the new event “Boss Mission.”

The rules are almost the same as Co-op Mode, but a special boss appears instead of “Grim Reaper”.

One of the three special bosses, “Demon Larva,” “Cannibal Clown,” or “Little Charlie” appears in the battlefield. If you kill the boss, you may get a limited item that you can get only through this game mode, depending on your contribution to the team.

Kill as many bosses as you can, and get items worthy of the strongest knight!


The Boss-Killing Rewards include three metals which were added in last update, and “High Grade Sticker” at a low rate.

All of them are useful for everyone since they make your item a “High Grade Item.”

Read this for more details about “Boss-Killing Rewards”


If you attach the new buff “Monster Slayer,” it will help you kill the three bosses in “Boss Mission,” and also special enemies such as the “builder.”

During the “Boss Mission” event, you can get “Monster Slayer” from Buff Gems in Happy Cards Limited Edition.

When the season ends, it will transform into “Warrior Slayer” buff, “Mobility Speed Up Lv3” buff or “Max HP Up Lv3” buff.


Kill the mighty bosses together with your allies, and get rare items!


“Boss Mission” lasts until 2 a.m. (EST), and 9 a.m. (UTC), on Wednesday, May 11.

This season ends at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 11 (EST), and at 0:00 on Thursday, May 12 (UTC)


This week’s Limited Campaign is “Item Level Boost campaign”.


During this campaign, all items from Happy Cards Limited Edition are received at level 8!

They are handy as Level Up materials because higher level materials give more experience points to Level Up an item.

In addition, higher level items are sold for a better price than lower level items; this knowledge may save you when you lack of Happy Stars.

There are many other uses for level 8 items besides equipping them!


“Boss Mission” is still on this week, so try to use a “High Grade Sticker” if you obtain one!

What an ideal card would be a level 8 high grade item!

Furthermore, in Happy Cards Limited Edition, a Buff Gem with “Monster Slayer” buff may appear during the “Boss Mission” event.

You might get a rare buff while you draw high level items in Happy Cards Limited Edition!


*Please note that the Limited Campaigns will not be applied to the normal Happy Cards.

“Item Level Boost campaign” will be available through Wednesday, May 11.


“Rank Up Campaign” is on too.

The score you can get from Quick Matches and Co-op Mode is increased by 30%!

A higher rank allows you to equip heavier items, so you can enjoy your coordination in Happy Wars too.

“Rank Up Campaign” is also applied to the current event “Boss Mission.”

Play Happy Wars and rapidly rank up your character this week.


“Rank Up Campaign!” lasts until Wednesday, May 11.