Bounty Hunters event runs all weekend long in Happy Wars!

This week’s Special Game is “Bounty Hunters”.


Due to its popularity, this week’s opening time will be different.


Up until now Special Games were only open during specific times, but this week it will be open during all the weekend!

The opening times are as follows. Let’s participate as much as we can!



Saturday, April 2 at 9 am – Monday, April 4 at 9 am



Saturday, April 2 at 5 am – Monday, April 4 at 5 am


Bounty Hunters has different rules from an ordinary Quick Match. When the match starts, every player becomes a Bounty Hunter and by defeating other players you can increase your bounty. The first team to reach a total bounty of 80.000 points wins.

You can collect some bounty by building towers or destroying the Big Tower, but the real key to victory is to beat other players!


This is a really heated type of match where comebacks are possible until the very last moment.

Defeat many other hunters to become the ultimate Bounty Hunter!


The stars and score that you can get from Bounty Hunters are up by 50%. This week it will be open through the weekend so let’s collect as much as you can!


Notes: Bounty Hunters will not be available after or before the opening times.

When the opening time comes, please go back to the Title Screen again in order to play Bounty Hunters.


This week “Rank Up Campaign” is also live!

To make it easier to understand, we changed the name from “Score Galore Campaign” to “Rank Up Campaign”.

Rank Up Campaign increases the Quick Match and Co-op Mode scores by 30%. By earning score, you make your character rank up so don’t miss this chance to increase many ranks!

20160331_Rank Up Campaign


“Rank Up Campaign” runs through Thursday, April 6.



This week’s Limited Campaign is “Super Premium Item Festival!”

In Happy Cards Limited Edition the chances of getting a Super Premium Item outside Happy Time are doubled.


Not only Super Premium Items are very cool looking, many of them can become powerful evolved items. To evolve an item, it must be at least level 10. This is your great chance to aim for evolvable items! Let’s try out the Limited Edition!


The probability of obtaining a Super Premium Item is normally 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times. However, while this campaign is live chances outside of Happy Time are increased to 14%.

*Please note that this campaign does not affect the normal Happy Cards.


“Super Premium Item Festival!” runs through Thursday, April 6.