Spareware rolls to rescue humanity from itself Today on Xbox One!

Today on the 18th of March a brand new top-down shooter Spareware made by Rusto launches on Xbox One.

Prepare for an exciting slaughterfest in the procedurally generated city of future Helsinki. Assemble your robot and join a 4-player local co-op to fight against humans in an effort to save mankind.

Dual wield extraordinary weapons and unlock varied abilities to have a different approach for each unique playthrough. In Spareware chaos is guaranteed and you’ll have to survive endless hordes of humans on your way to destroy the Oppressive Vote in the City Core. Your enemies aren’t the only ones who can stop you though so watch out for friendly fire.


Spareware passed through ID@Xbox program and is now available on Xbox One’s digital store across the Americas, Europe and in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, India, Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The price is $9.99/9.99€/£7.99 or your other regional equivalent.

After release Rusto is going to develop even more content for the game – released as free regular updates. You can read more on our first update that’s aimed for May at our next Tuesday’s blog at