Developer Blog – Action Henk!

logoRemember all those old toys you used to have as a kid? Y’know, those muscular chunks of plastic that were the coolest things in the world? Action Henk used to be one of those. Relentlessly cool, suave and the definition of a hero. 20 years later he’s not quite that, so Henk’s on a quest to get back in shape and back in action!


Action Henk is a lightning-fast speedrunning platformer set in a toybox world that will really get your nostalgia going, we really tried to capture the carefree, fun atmosphere that we all had as kids using our imagination while playing with toys.


At Ragesquid our artists always wanted to make something eye-catching, colourful and fun, while our programmers wanted to make a really intense and fast physics-based platformer, so we smashed the two ideas together and out came Action Henk! We’ve got all the intensity and inertia of making a physics-based platformer, with the lighthearted tone of playing as old-school toys. We’ve got some really cool stuff in the backgrounds, it’s worth slowing down a little and just looking around in the levels just to see all the references to our childhoods!


Taking Action Henk out to shows like Gamescom was a new experience for us. It was amazing to see players reacting to the world of Action Henk and actually seeing how people get to grips with their first go. Shows are always going to be a little difficult, but we really enjoyed talking to people and introducing them to all these bizarre characters that we’ve made.


As development went on we’ve made loads of little tweaks and changes to the game, received lots of feedback and made heaps of iterations on the game to make it the best possible product. For the console release we’ve even implemented local multiplayer so you can race your friends! It was hard for us to draw a line and say ‘we’re going to implement features X and Y and we’ll stop there’ because we would love to keep making all of our players happy forever.


We’re really glad we’ve got this coming onto Xbox One though, we know that the fans will love seeing their rivals’ scores and racing for worldwide recognition. There’s actually been a lot of a rivalry between us in the office to decide who’s best! We really want to hear your stories of climbing to the top of the leaderboards with your friends and how it all goes down! Action Henk is really one of those ‘one more go’ kind of games, so one button press has you back in the race and retrying for the best scores. Once you get there though, man… It’s really satisfying.


For us Action Henk was a passion project through and through, and we really hope that you enjoy playing it on Xbox One.