Castle Defense, Guaranteed Featured Items, and more – This week in Happy Wars!

The Limited Campaign “Featured Item Snatch Campaign!” is on.


“Featured Item Snatch Campaign!” is an awesome campaign that guarantees you a Featured Item when you draw a Card Pack from Happy Cards Limited Edition during Happy Time.

Featured Items are strong and popular items picked up by the Management Team from the items that appear in Happy Cards.


From today’s Limited Campaign, Featured Items can be obtained outside of Happy Time. When you draw a Super Premium Item from Happy Cards Limited Edition it will be guaranteed to be a Featured Item.


Having trouble getting your kind of items? Class Stickers will come in handy.

Class Stickers allow you to draw Happy Cards of one specific class.

The Featured Items are 2 sets from each class, so using a class Sticker will make it very easy to obtain the desired item.


The probability of obtaining a Super Premium Item is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times.

*Please note that this campaign does not affect the normal Happy Cards.


New Items have been added!


“Wild Cleric Set” is a Cleric set with mysterious glowing white eyes and big fangs.

This powerful item set for Cleric types contains “Lightning Resistance Lv3” and “HP Recovery Up Lv3” buffs for sustained fights and “Anti-Material Up Lv3” for great castle sieging.


New Buff “Spartan Uppercut” has been added!


“Spartan Uppercut” is an attack that allows you to bump the enemy away. It also makes you immune to physical damage for a short duration, so it can be used while the enemy is attacking. It’s a great way to counter your enemy!

When you equip a shield that has “Spartan Uppercut” attached, your “Uppercut” attack will change to “Spartan Uppercut”.

* “Uppercut” is an attack only available for Warrior and Cleric types. By tapping the RT button quickly twice, you will break through their guard and bump them back a short distance.


“Spartan Uppercut” will be attached to “Wild Cleric Set” as a fixed buff.

There’s a chance of obtaining “Spartan Uppercut” from other Cleric shields as a removable buff too.


This is your chance to get the new “Wild Cleric Set” set, don’t miss it!


“Featured Item Snatch Campaign!” runs until Wednesday, March 2.


・List of Featured Items: Spartan Uppercut


Class Type Item
Cleric Helmet Sabertooth
Armor Ice Age Armor
Weapon Mammoth Crusher
Shield Ice Age Shield
Class Type Item
Cleric Helmet Guardian Helm
Armor Guardian Armor
Weapon War Hammer
Shield Guardian Shield
Class Type Item
Warrior Helmet Gladiator Helm
Armor Gladiator Mail
Weapon 1,000 Manslayer
Shield Gladiator Shield
Class Type Item
Warrior Helmet Blade Helm
Armor Blade Armor
Weapon Guillotine Axe
Shield Blade Shield
Class Type Item
Mage Helmet Jiangshi Hat
Armor Super Chinese Garb
Weapon Super Chinese Wand
Accessory Imperial Fan
Class Type Item
Mage Helmet Man-Eating Hat
Armor Satanist Robe
Weapon Satanist Wand
Accessory Demon King’s Heart


You can also check the items in the “Item Lineup” inside Happy Cards Limited Edition.

Shields are used by Warriors and Clerics, while Accessories are common to all classes.




“Super Item Box Campaign” is live!


Today we want to introduce our new campaign “Super Item Box campaign”

While “Super Item Box campaign” is live, Item Boxes will be easier to level up. Item boxes level up depending on your score up to level 5. The higher level you achieve; the better items you will obtain from the Item Box after the match!


This is the perfect chance to get a better gear for your characters! Join Quick Matches and Co-op mode and try aiming for Item Box level 5!


“Super Item Box Campaign” runs until Wednesday, March 2.




Special Match “Castle Defense” is returning this weekend!


“Castle Defense” is a game mode where players have to cooperate to defend the castle from approaching monsters. Monsters appear in waves and as you progress, the enemies will get stronger and stronger. Every once in a while brutal Boss Monsters will appear, so it is crucial that you cooperate with your teammates to defend the castle!


Depending on your contribution you will obtain “Happy Meat”. “Happy Meat” boosts your attack damage and durability of your tactical weapons. Use the “Happy Meat” wisely and take down the monsters!


By the way, you will find special clown monsters that only appear in this game mode!


In “Castle Defense” Happy Stars and Score earned are increased by 50%. You can also receive additional Co-op points. Using these points, you can obtain the following items as Co-Op Rewards, which are only available while “Castle Defense” is live.


Class Type Item Name
Warrior Helmet Beast Warrior’s Helm
Armor Beast Warrior’s Armor
Weapon Great Ancient Sword
Shield Oak Shield
Helmet Demonic Helm
Armor Demon Warrior’s Armor
Weapon Dragon Bone Crusher
Shield Teak Shield


“Castle Defense” will only run for a limited amount of time.

Please notice that the opening times will be as listed below:


Time in UTC:

March 27 (Saturday)

・11am – 1pm

・8am- 10pm


March 28 (Sunday)

・1am – 3am

・11am – 1pm

・8pm – 10pm


March 29 (Monday)

・1am – 3am


Time in EST/EDT:

March 27 (Saturday)

・6am – 8am

・3pm – 5pm

・8pm – 10pm


March 28 (Sunday)

・6am – 8am

・3pm – 5pm

・8pm – 10pm


  • Castle Defense will not be available after or before the opening times.

When the opening time comes, please go back to the Title Screen again in order to play Castle Defense.


Today’s update includes “Score Galore Campaign”!


The score you can get from Quick Matches and Co-op mode is increased by 50%!

By accumulating score, your character ranks up. It is no less than a 50% increase, so even the beginners can grow strong faster than ever!


“Score Galore Campaign!” runs until Wednesday, March 2.