Happy Wars brings the Buff Gems in this week’s update!

This week’s Special Match is “Castle Defense”.


“Castle Defense” is a game mode were players have to cooperate to defend the castle from approaching monsters. Building tactical weapons with Cleric and cooperation are the key to victory.

Depending on your contribution you will obtain “Happy Meat”. “Happy Meat” boosts your attack damage and durability of your built weapons. Also, you will find special clown monsters that only appear in this game mode!

In “Castle Defense” Happy Stars and Score earned are increased by 50%.
You can also receive additional Co-op points. Using these points, you can obtain the following items as Co-Op Rewards, which are only available while “Castle Defense” is live.

Class Type Item Name
Warrior Helmet Beast Warrior’s Helm
Armor Beast Warrior’s Armor
Weapon Great Ancient Sword
Shield Oak Shield
Helmet Demonic Helm
Armor Demon Warrior’s Armor
Weapon Dragon Bone Crusher
Shield Teak Shield

This time’s “Castle Defense” will only run for a limited amount of time.
Please notice that the opening times will be as listed below:

Time in UTC:
February 20 (Saturday)
・11am – 1pm
・8am- 10pm

February 21 (Sunday)
・1am – 3am
・11am – 1pm
・8pm – 10pm

February 22 (Monday)
・1am – 3am

Time in EST/EDT:
February 20 (Saturday)
・6am – 8am
・3pm – 5pm
・8pm – 10pm

February 21 (Sunday)
・6am – 8am
・3pm – 5pm
・8pm – 10pm

*Castle Defense will not be available after or before the opening times.
When the opening time comes, please go back to the Title Screen again in order to play Castle Defense.

This week’s Limited Campaign is “Buff Gem Blowout!”


Today we want to introduce our new campaign “Buff Gem Blowout”
While “Buff Gem Blowout” is live, buying Happy Cards Limited Edition guarantees you a “Buff Gem” after receiving the 3 cards. “Buff Gems” are usually obtained from Happy Cards Limited Edition at very low chance.

“Buff Gem” is an item that contains powerful buffs that you can attach to an item in “Item Remodeling”.

This is a great chance to collect “Buff Gems” to customize your items your way.

*Collecting 12 stars when opening card packs will activate Happy Time. Drawing a card pack during Happy Time guarantees you a Super Premium Item.
*Obtained “Buff Gems” can be checked from the submenu Item Remodeling/Add a Buff/ Accessories.
“Buff Gem Blowout!” lasts until February 24 (Wednesday).

Today’s update includes “Up! Up! Level-Up Campaign”


While “Up! Up! Level-Up Campaign” is live, Happy Stars and Happy Tickets for leveling up your item are 25% off. Also, you will gain additional 25% experience when leveling up your item.

Level 1 and level 10 items have a big difference in parameter but it requires a lot of Happy Stars and Materials to level them up.
During this campaign you can level-up your items faster than usual. This is the time to make your items reach a high level!
Don’t miss your chance to save up your happy stars and gain additional experience!

“Up! Up! Level-Up Campaign” will be available through February 24 (Wednesday).