Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Happy Wars!

This week’s Special Match is “Bounty Hunters”.


“Bounty Hunters” is a heated game mode in which you can turn the tables until the last second. Defeat enemies and rise your fame!

“Bounty Hunters” has unique rules different from Quick Matches.

You can earn bounty money by defeating enemies for your team. The first team who earns a certain amount of bounty money before the other team claims the victory.

In this game mode destroying “Big Tower” does not decide the winner, but you can earn money by destroying “Big Tower” and building “Towers”.

The key to victory is to defeat the enemies with big bounties on their heads for high bounty rewards.


“Bounty Hunters” will only be available at certain times.

The opening times will be as listed below:


Time in UTC:

February 13 (Saturday)

11 am – 1 pm

8 pm – 10 pm


February 14 (Sunday)

1 am – 3 am

11 am –1 pm

8 pm – 10 pm


February 15 (Monday)

1 am – 3 am


Time in EST/EDT:

February 13 (Saturday)

6 am – 8 am

3 pm – 5 pm

8 pm –10 pm


February 14 (Sunday)

6 am – 8 am

3 pm – 5 pm

8 pm – 10 pm


*If you are playing right before it becomes the opening time, it is not possible to enter “Bounty Hunters” right away. When it becomes the opening time, please return to the title screen and re-enter the game to be able to play.


This week’s Limited Campaign is “Mega Statue Campaign”


During “Mega Statue Campaign” the chances of getting a Statue are greatly increased.

Statues can be obtained from Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition by low chance after receiving the 3 cards.


There are 3 kinds of Statues, “Mythical Statue”, “Legendary Statue” and “Heroic Statue”, which differ in the amount of levels that can increase your item.

The rarest one, “Legendary Statue”, increases your item’s max level by 3!


Items can be leveled up for stronger parameters. Usually the max level for items is Lv10, but if you use statues you can ignore the level cap and level up the item up to 15.

Of course, a level 15 item is much stronger in battle than a level 10 item!


Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until Wednesday February 17.

*Please notice that this campaign does not affect the normal Happy Cards.


Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition are on sale!


Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition are 25% off for a limited time.

Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition contain 2 common items and 1 premium item. It’s an easy way to obtain premium items.


“Happy Cards Sale” runs until Wednesday February 17.


Happy Valentine’s day!


The biggest event in February is Valentine’s day, a day for love and romance and Happy Wars.

To celebrate Valentine’s day, we are decorating maps and castles with hearts and Cupids.

The cleric “Sacred Armor” skill has a special look for Valentine’s day to make your team mates cute and lovely!

This Valentine’s day, come to Happy Wars for love and romance!


“Valentine Decoration” will be available through February 17.