Electronic Super Joy: the M-rated Side-Scroller

ESJ_Screenshot01The evil Groove Wizard has stolen your entire butt, and the Pope is trying to kill you.

Welcome to Electronic Super Joy.

Quick – name an M-rated 2D side-scroller. Exactly. Electronic Super Joy, from Michael Todd Games and LOOT Interactive will have you asking life’s tough questions:

  • Where is my butt?
  • Why are the walls sticky?
  • Why don’t more life activities come with people moaning in pleasure?
  • Why does the Pope want to kill me with rainbow missiles?

So you’ve just watched the trailer. And the truth is this: you are not prepared for the sadistic torture Electronic Super Joy will subject you to. But you won’t care. Featuring pounding music from EnV, the beats will keep you coming back for more. Again. And again. And again.


And just when you think you’ve had enough and you’re about to give up, you finally get through that section that’s had you dribbling down the front of your shirt and screaming at your TV. Most games at this point give you a nice little audio cue: some small, innocuous jingle.


ESJ gives you people screaming in pleasure. OOOH LA LAAAA!

Protip: crank up the volume LOUD when playing Electronic Super Joy. Your neighbors will think you’re having an orgy in the middle of a Popetastic rave. This is good.


Electronic Super Joy is NOT for children. It has profanity, blasphemy, suggestive themes, music that rattles your bedroom windows, lots of achievements, Xbox One-only exclusive content, a speed-run mode (with a timer), and a surprising love story. Yes, a love story.ESJ_Screenshot11

Coming soon to Xbox One with a pre-order opportunity and five Xbox-exclusive levels, you can also get your hands on an early console version of Electronic Super Joy at IndieCade this weekend! Visit the LOOT Interactive tent at IndieCade and discover why the quest to find your butt is the most amazing console gaming experience of the next hundred years.