Developer Blog – Pumped BMX +

When I was 11 or so I built a bike ramp with some friends, the first step on our path to becoming stunt men. I went first, the ramp snapped and I broke my arm in two places. I still can’t touch my shoulder. It was not a high quality ramp.

Thankfully you don’t need to break any bones to do crazy BMX bike stunts anymore, because Pumped BMX+ is out today for Xbox One!


Pumped BMX+ is a side scrolling BMX game in which you ride your way through fiendishly difficult courses completing challenges and pulling off wild stunts.


Each level consists of a number of jumps that you must land smoothly in order to make it over the next jump in the set. The levels start off gently, but the difficulty ramps up (ha!) until you’ll find yourself having to catch crazy air and stick every landing to make it to the finish line, all whilst throwing down a variety of tricks from the stylish to the outrageous.


There’s a nice tutorial to show you the ropes, but once that’s done you’re on your own – expect painful, bone crunching, hilarious crashes regularly! Thankfully you can equip your character with a number of helmets, not to mention a variety of stylish outfits and bike colors.


A mind boggling selection of authentic BMX tricks and 500 unique challenges mean that there’s more than enough to work your way through, and a proper licensed soundtrack will ‘keep you jammin while you’re slammin’! *cringe*


If you’re still wondering about Pumped though, never fear! I’ve made this video of one of the later levels of the game to show how the tricks and objective system works:

I’ve ridden BMX myself for 15 years, and I started making Pumped BMX simply because it was a game I wanted to play that didn’t exist. I’ve massively enjoyed making it, and I really hope you enjoy playing it.


Don’t forget, real life doesn’t have restarts!