Developer Diary – GunWorld

I’ve always wanted to work in video games, and it took a lot of fighting and experimenting to get there. After spending a few years working in games media as a critic and opinion writer I decided it was time to teach myself how to program and make a game. I grew up playing the NES and SNES, so when I was finally given a budget to make something I knew exactly where I wanted to draw inspiration from.


Making an 8-bit style game is pretty cliche at this point, but GunWorld was a passion project so I was determined to see it through. The game was restricted to a 4-month development cycle. Considering the time-frame and it being the first video game I ever made, I’m pretty proud of completing it.


GunWorld is about a planet where guns grow on trees. Some aliens show up and start taking those GunPlants away, so your task is to defeat the aliens and restore the magical GunPlants. The main design philosophies were to make a game that was an honest interpretation of games from the late 1980s (for better or worse), with an unforgiving level of difficulty. Precision platforming is only part of it. With very few checkpoints and a small amount of health, GunWorld demands perfection and level memorization.


Planting seeds is how you get weapons in GunWorld. Guns can’t be reloaded, so keep an eye on your ammo meter and if you’re going into a boss fight be sure to plant extra seeds. Fumbling through your inventory to drop the gun you want is the last thing you need during a difficult section!


GunWorld was an awesome experiment, and I’m thrilled to have had the chance to bring it to Xbox One for the low price of $1.99. I’m currently working on a sequel and want as much feedback as we can get from the original to make sure it’s a great game. Shoot us a message on Twitter @m07games, we’d love to hear from you!