Now Available – GunWorld!

GunWorld Xbox One Edition


m07Games’ newest release, GunWorld is now available on Xbox One! Can you grow the right guns to save the world from an alien invasion? Pick up your copy now, and find out!

And, yes! You read that right! Grow the right guns! You see…

For as long as man can remember, GunWorld has flourished with the blessings of the divine. The inhabitants of GunWorld enjoy the destructive fruits of nature, as theirs is a world where guns grow on trees. As if gifted by an earthly goddess, the citizens of GunWorld have always defended themselves with nature’s bountiful weaponry, and they thought they always would.

Until one day a large alien vessel crashed to the surface, and the guns began to dry up and rot. The GunMothers, powerful plants that serve as the source of these weapons, have been damaged. All around the world defenses begin to shatter as mankind is left with little means to protect themselves. Fortresses fall, cities collapse, and communities are shattered.

GunWorld is in a panic.

That’s when President Eagle calls on the toughest, roughest GunMan on the face of the planet. Dwayne heads off to face the dangers of the world on a quest to restore the GunMothers and save GunWorld from the alien invaders!