Developer Blog – Nova-111 launching on Xbox One right now!

screen4Hello Space Friends! We’ve been busy doing a ton of Science here at Funktronic Labs and we’re super excited to launch our game NOVA-111 on Xbox One today!

Nova-111 puts you in control of a charming science rescue vessel in the aftermath of the World’s Greatest Science Experiment Gone Wrong. The peaceful science-loving turn-based world has been entangled with the chaotic real-time world.

Nova-111 is a quirky sci-fi adventure game which mixes both turn-based strategy and real-time action to bring you a spankin’ new style of gameplay. Battle space aliens and solve clever puzzles, all while trying to wrap your mind around the twisted turn-time and real-time mash-up.

Voyage through the lovingly hand-crafted planets and rescue the stranded scientists. Collect upgrades for your ship and learn the tricks of the space aliens, and solve the mind-bending puzzles in this dynamic adventure.


Nova-111 was originally conceived as a purely turn-based strategy game. During development, we accidently stumbled upon some real-time mechanics which was caused by a programming bug.

As we dove deeper into that idea, we’ve found tons of fun gameplay mechanics. And as a result, the quirky turn-based, real-time mashup world of Nova-111 was born.


We designed the game mechanics to allow you to truly master everything it throws at you. By carefully experimenting and understanding the enemies and hazards, you’ll learn to overcome these challenges. Just like real science!

We worked really, really hard to create some fresh new game mechanics that haven’t been used before – mashups of things that feel familiar but with a new twist. We’ve also created this video to show you some of the basic gameplay mechanics in the game:

Time to go rescue some scientists! See you on the leaderboards!