Now Available – Yasai Ninja!


Yasai Ninja is a hack & slash game set in feudal Japan where Samurai Onion and Broccoli Joe face the most terrible vegetables. Play in one or two player mode and finish the adventure! The latest release from RECO Technology, Yasai Ninja features 2 playable characters, each with their own fighting style and a variety of unlockable upgrades.

Yasai Ninja presents Samurai Onion (Kaoru Tamanegi) and Broccoli Joe, the good guys in this new Hack & Slash adventure, with a high dose of action, a combat system designed for one or two players, puzzles, large quantities of humor, friendship, personal improvement, honor and collaborative spirit belong in this unique atmosphere, which puts our characters in their own universe. Set in Feudal Japan, our vegetable samurais face multiple enemies.

For more information, check out the trailer and screenshots below, then head over to the Xbox Store to pick up your copy!