What’s Happening This Week in Happy Wars? Aug 20th!

Happy Stars Galore campaign

“Happy Stars Galore campaign” is going on this week!

You can earn 30% more Happy Stars than usual in Quick Matches and Co-op mode. Happy Stars can be used not only to power-up or modify items, but also to purchase unique products in the newly added “Star Market.”

This is a great chance to stock up on Happy Stars, so don’t miss it!


The ” Happy Stars Galore campaign” is available until August 26 (Wednesday).


“Domination” is still on continuing from last week!

In this mode, you earn points by preserving your own side’s towers, and the first team to earn a certain number of points wins. You earn points for each unit of time you control the tower, so the more towers your team occupies, the faster your score rises. Strategies could involve dividing the team into tower defenders and tower usurpers, or if the situation demands, put more effort into defense.
***Note: this mode does not involve destruction of the enemy’s Big Tower.


“Domination” is available until August 26 (Wednesday).


Happy Cards Limited Edition


Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances to obtain Mage item “Space Mage Set”, and Warrior item “Navy Special Forces Set.”


Here are the probabilities for getting Super Premium items in general, and the weekly hand-picked items in particular.

The probability of obtaining a Super Premium item is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times.

The probability of obtaining this week’s hand-picked items is 50% of the general Super Premium item rate.


Class Item Name Item Type
Mage Space Mage Helm Helmet
Space Mage Armor Armor
Galaxy Blaster Weapon
Space Wing Accessory
Class Item Name Item Type
Warrior Team Six Helm Helmet
Team Six Armor Armor
HW 416 Weapon
Anti-explosives Shield Shield


Happy Cards Limited Edition lasts until August 26 (Wednesday).