Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey comes to Xbox One on Friday!



Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey can be described in one sentence “Make a photo of your body you can walk on”.

It’s a hybrid-motion control game. This means you play the game using your Xbox One Wireless Controller and the Kinect simultaneously.

If you want to see how that looks in action, you can check the trailer below:

Here is a personal message from Commander Cherry to all Xbox One players:

“Greetings earthlings,

Today I want to request your help. As you may know, we Cherrytians are the most friendly and peaceful species in the universe. But since Cherrytians are too small, we need the assistance of humans. Replicas of human bodies to be more precise.

We Cherrytians invented the PlatformBuilder 3000. A device you humans refer to as Kinect. Through a highly complicated and mind bending technological process we can build a platform of your current body pose that we Cherrytians can walk over. We call this “Plop”.

I invite you to join me as my new cadet! Let’s fly into space on my fabulous steakship and experience a video game like no other!”




The game will be available on Xbox One this Friday 14th August and start with a 30% discount for Xbox Live Gold members through 24th August!