Developer Dan Marshall on The Swindle!


I’ve never robbed a house, obviously. If anyone says I have, they’re definitely lying. It seems like a frightfully mean thing to do to someone, to pilfer all their belongings and run away. But heavens doesn’t it sound exciting, though? Lurking in the shadows jamming bundles of five pound notes into your pockets with your clammy, clammy fists? The wail of a distant siren and the thrill of the chase? These are all tesne, gripping moments denied to those of us with moral sensibilities and that hardly seems fair.


Enter: The Swindle. This is a Steampunk Cybercrime game about craftily allowing yourself access to some poor blighter’s property and making off with all their hard-earned cash. The buildings are procedurally-generated, so no two heists are the same, and you can spend the cash you stole on a suite of exciting upgrades, allowing you to take on bigger and more-dangerous heists.

Careful though – one slip-up and your thief is no more. Their precious haul scattered through the air like ashes at a windy funeral, and no exciting haul for you. Which is problematic, because in the world of The Swindle you’ve only got 100 Days to pull off that final heist of a lifetime, and the counter is ticking down with each and every burglary you attempt…The_Swindle_Xbox_5
The Swindle is out today on Xbox One, and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed making it.