Latest Smite Xbox One Patch Notes Are Here




Today Hi-Rez is releasing another patch to their Xbox One version of Smite. This patch has been anticipated by many of the Xbox One Smite players, and it’s finally here!

We have a highlight of what updates you can expect to see today. Take a look below. For the full details, head over to the Smite website!



Leagues are now available! Take note that Leagues are only for Conquest and Joust game modes AND you have to be level 30 have had mastered 16 gods. Tough bar to hit, but not out of reach. Once you qualify to be in League, queue up and play!

Summer of Smite Event

The Summer of Smite has all the event content, and best of all, if you buy everything you get a new Anhur skin. Sweet!


A pause feature has been highly requested and is now in the game.

Auto Aim

An auto aim toggle has also been a requested feature and has been added. You can now toggle auto aim on or off.

Stats Page

You can now view detailed stats by hitting left on the D pad. This toggles the feature on or off.

New Arena Map

A new arena map has appeared! Updated graphics and new looking creatures at the buff camps.

New Character Added

Ravana is the newest god to play in this patch.

Nox Revamped

Nox has a whole new kit! She stronger and more fun to play.

Conquest Changes

  • Mid harpies spawn at 10 seconds.
  • Blue and Purple buff respawn at 3 minutes while Yellow and Red buff still spawn at 4 minutes.
  • Gold Fury now scales through out the entire game. Worth less at the beginning to more later on.

With all the changes in conquest, it should help a team from snowballing and and aid the jungler in a litle more XP.

Classic Herc Skin w/ Kevin Sorbo Voice Pack

You can get the classic Hercules skin with Kevin Sorbo voicing him during the month of August. All you have to do is win 10 games during the month of August and the skin and voice pack is yours!


Hope you enjoyed the recap of the patch notes for Smite on Xbox One. If you play, give us a hello in the comments below. Who knows? You may make some new friends to play conquest mode with. With that said, my favorite game mode right now is Joust. I love the quick skirmishes that play out during those matches! Ok, ok. Time to go play.