This Week in Happy Wars 7/9/2015

Happy Star Galore campaign

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“Happy Star Galore campaign” is on this week!

You can earn 25% more Happy Stars than usual in Quick Matches and Co-op mode. Happy Stars are good not only for playing Happy Spinner to get great items, but also to power-up or modify your items, so this is a great chance to stock up on Happy Stars and enhance your game experience!

“Happy Star Galore campaign” continues until July 15th (Wednesday).


“Save the KING” mode is on! In “Save the KING” mode, when the teammate who has become the King enters the enemy castle, your team wins! A player who becomes the King wears a soccer ball. If the goal is not reached before time runs out, the King’s team wins. So everybody work together to keep the King protected!

“Save the KING” continues until July 15th (Wednesday).


This week’s Happy Cards Limited Edition helps you pick up the Warrior items Golden Skull Set, as well as the Mage item set Crimson Mage Set”. Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances of getting Super Premium items in general, and especially the weekly featured items.

Super Premium items are obtained at 100% probability during Happy Time, and at 7% outside of Happy Time. The probability of obtaining this week’s hand-picked featured items is 50% of the Super Premium item rate.

Class Item Name Item Kind
Warrior Golden Skull Helm Helmet
Golden Skull Armor Armor
Chaos Blade Weapon
Golden Skull Shield Shield


Class Item Name Item Kind
Mage Exotic Crest Helmet
Exotic Robe Armor
Crimson Arrow Weapon
Exotic Talisman Shield


Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until July 15th (Wednesday).


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