This Week in Happy Wars 6/25/2015

Super Premium Mega Campaign

Find out all about current campaigns, modes, the new item set and buff, and more in this week’s Happy Wars blog.

Time for our “Super Premium Mega Campaign”!

With Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition, your chances to get a Super Premium Item on your third card outside of Happy Time will be doubled. Super Premium Items are powerful as is, of course, but when enhanced to Level 10 or greater, they can develop into powerful evolvable items. This is a super chance to pick up rare super-premium items!

The “Super Premium Mega Campaign” lasts until July 1 (Wednesday).


More good news! You can play “Bounty Hunters” Mode now, too!

Under the “Bounty Hunters” rules, the team that first accumulates more than a certain amount of bounty earnings wins. The enemy team players have bounties on their heads, so by defeating the enemy or by building a tower, your team collects the bounty money. Earning successive bounties also increases your contribution to your home team, but likewise, your own bounty value increases, making you a target of interest to the enemy team. Strategy suggestion: Watch out!

“Bounty Hunters” Mode runs until July 1 (Wednesday).

Bounty Hunters mode

New items and a new buff have been released. The new items are included in the Mage’s “Insect Set”, and the buff is called “Shot AP Conserve” has been added.New Item Mage Insect set

With this new buff, you can reduce the amount of AP consumed when performing a Magic Shot.


Class Item Name Item Type
Mage Insect Head Helmet
Insect Armor Armor
Pesticide Wand Weapon
Pupa Shield


This week’s Happy Cards Limited Edition helps you obtain the Mage’s newly released “Insect Set” items as well as the Warrior items of the “Iron Hero” set.

Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances of getting Super Premium items in general, and especially the weekly hand-picked featured items. Super Premium items are obtained at 100% probability during Happy Time, and at 7% outside of Happy Time. However, because we also have the Super Premium Mega Campaign running this week, the rate outside of Happy Time goes up to 14%! The current week’s hand-picked items are obtained at 50% of the Super Premium rate of probability.

Class Item Name Item Type
Warrior Iron Hero Mask Helmet
Iron Hero Armor Armor
Iron Hero Sword Weapon
Iron Hero Guard Shield

Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until July 1 (Wednesday).


What do you think of the new item set and buff? Let us know below.