Cuphead, Below, and The Long Dark take to Xbox Wire

Fresh out of E3, the Xbox Wire crew has just posted a trio of articles, each one featuring one of the award-winning ID@Xbox titles.



First up, Cuphead!

Cuphead is the most stylish, adorable, funny game around. And it’s so fun and challenging it hurts.

If Max Flesicher took a break from Betty Boop cartoons and decided to make a Contragame, it’d look something like Cuphead.



Then, there’s Below:

Below doesn’t need words to tell its story. Like the dangers that wait in the depths of the dungeons you’re exploring, the story is hidden in dark caverns and narrow tunnels. Death and rebirth, and death again ­­– this is what makes Below one of the most intriguing games at E3 2015.



TheLongDark_KeyArt_E32015_FinalAnd finally, for The Long Dark, now available in Game Preview, the team sat down and interviewed Hinterland Studios Creative Director Raphael van Lierop, who describes the game thus:

The Long Dark is a first-person survival simulation. It’s really survival in its truest sense: There’s no zombies, there’s no supernatural elements, it’s just you being dropped into the middle of the northern Canadian wilderness with essentially just the clothes on your back, and you have to figure out how to survive.

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