Even more E3 trailers released!

Another batch of trailers has been released from E3.  Here’s what you can look forward to in the coming months, hit the links to jump to the specific video, or check out the full playlist with all the videos from this year’s show.

Acorn Assault Rodent Revolution, from High Tale Studios

  • Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution is a historically inaccurate retelling of the French revolution with squirrels. With a unique match-three mechanic, you will have to carefully maneuver your rodent army and anticipate your opponent’s next moves. Fight through twenty-five levels and take down the king’s men that stand in your way in the campaign or take a friend to the battlefield in multiplayer.

All Things Go Boom!, from Double Bomb Interactive

  • ALL THINGS GO BOOM! is a tank party game that features more explosions and destruction than a Michael Bay movie. Customize your cannon on the fly to create ridiculous weapons such Explosive-Heat-Seeking-Shotguns or Gatling-Incendiary-Rocket Launchers. Launch nukes, plant blackhole mines, and use other insane power-ups to claim victory over the battlefield.

Beyond Flesh And Blood, from Pixelbomb Games

  • Story-led 3rd person Shooter set in Manchester by Pixelbomb Games. A U.G.R. engineer sent back to reclaim Earth. Ethan’s first real task is to survive as Earth’s 23rd century horrors unfurl and he is forced to kill in order to regain control of Manchester, UK.

Buildanauts, from TouchTilt Games

  • Ever dreamed of putting on a hard hat and driving an excavator through a construction site? Now you can! Buildanauts™ is a fun construction game for all ages that allows you to survey, design, build, and manage your very own town. In Buildanauts, you’re the city planner, foreman, and mayor of a town you’ll build from the ground up.


  • Mine asteroids, hunt pirates, attack civilians, fight police… just do whatever it takes to get as rich as you can!

Chronology, from osao games

  • Help the Old Inventor and his sidekick Snail manipulate past and the future, in order to fix the present.

The Little Acre, from Pewter Games Studio

  • E3 trailer for THE LITTLE ACRE. Coming to Xbox One in 2016!

The Living Dungeon, from Radiation Burn

  • Bring the excitement of playing a dungeon tournament board game to your screen, in beautiful gruesome detail. There really is nothing quite like The Living Dungeon. Up to 9 players can take part in a battle of wits, luck and skulduggery. Survive other adventurers, monsters, and the dungeon itself through combat, agility or dungeon manipulation. Only the strongest, fastest and smartest survive.

Magnetic: Cage Closed, from Guru Games

  • Magnetic: Cage Closed drew fans in with its gameplay debut at PAX South earlier this year, and this summer the enigmatic puzzle game will drop gamers into a sinister world of survival, guilt and platforming action on Xbox One.

Polychromatic, from Brushfire Games

  • Polychromatic is a physics-based arcade shooter with a pop of color coming summer 2015 to Xbox One and Windows 10 from Brushfire Games.

RymdResa, from Morgondag

  • An Abstract poetic space odyssey thought a lonely infinitive and mysterious cosmos.