This Week in Happy Wars 6/18/2015

Happy Wars Happy Card bargain campaign

Read this week’s Happy Wars blog to learn more about the campaigns, items, and other great

news that we have for you this week.

We are holding a “Happy Cards Bargain Campaign” now.

Both Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition are 25% off the normal price. With Happy

Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition, you can obtain premium items not easily available

otherwise. Here’s your great chance to pick up powerful items at low cost!

The “Happy Cards Bargain Campaign” runs until June 24 (Wednesday).


But wait — we have another campaign running at the same time!

With our “Score Galore Campaign”, the scores you earn in multiplayer Quick

Match and Co-op Mode battles are worth 50% more! By accumulating your scores, you can raise

your rank, and at each additional rank, the total item weight limit you can equip increases.

This not only extends the range of items you can equip, but also improves your chances of

finding something good when you encounter and Item Box during multiplayer mode. Don’t miss

this opportunity to earn tons of score points!

The “Score Galore Campaign” runs until June 24 (Wednesday).

Happy Wars Score Galore campaign

This week’s Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances of getting the

“Executioner Set” of items for the Warrior, as well as the “Guardian

Set” of items for the Cleric.

Happy Cards Limited Edition gives you the following advantages in obtaining Super Premium

Items as well as this week’s hand-picked items. The chance of obtaining any Super Premium Item

is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times. The chance of obtaining one of this week’s

hand-picked items is 50% of the Super Premium Item rate.


Class Item Name Item Type
Warrior Executioner’s Mask Helmet
Executioner’s Armor Armor
Executioner’s Blade Weapon
Vampire Guillotine Shield
Cleric Guardian Helm Helmet
Guardian Armor Armor
War Hammer Weapon
Guardian Shield Accessory

Happy Cards Limited Edition continues until June 24 (Wednesday).


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