Now Available – Quantum Rush: Champions!

Quantum Rush Champions, from GameArt Studio, is now available on Xbox One!

Get ready to fight challenging AI pilots in a mind-blowing supersonic race across gigantic tracks set on earth and in space!

Buy it now from the Xbox Marketplace!

Quantum Rush: Champions is an action-packed, futuristic racing game for the Xbox One. This special genre had been neglected for far too long. Now, Quantum Rush takes over! Be prepared for high-speed races against challenging AI pilots on huge race tracks on earth and in space, fight your opponents with mounted cannons and special pick-up weapons, use an extensive system for modifying and upgrading racers and fly many different racers with manufacturer-dependent perks!


  • Career Mode
  • 3 independent campaigns with various challenges
  • 8 different race modes
  • 21 hard bosses
  • 14 race tracks
  • 21 racers with countless upgrades
  • Arcade Mode
  • freely configurable challenges going beyond campaign presets
  • complex artificial intelligence
  • comprehensive personal statistics