This Week in Happy Wars 6/11/2015

Super Happy Chance Time campaign

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This week we offer our “Super Happy Chance Time!” campaign.

Chances of activating a “Happy Chance” during Happy Cards or Happy Cards Limited Edition are greatly increased during this campaign.

“Happy Chance” is a new feature that was added with the major title update released on June 5 which a “Buff Gem” appears at a fixed probability during “Happy Chance.”

“Buff Gem” is another new item that was added with the major update and comes with a powerful buff. You cannot equip a “Buff Gem” by itself, but you can use it to attach a powerful buff to one of your favorite items using “Item Remodeling.”

The “Super Happy Chance Time!” runs until June 17 (Wednesday).


Continuing from last week, the “Newcomer Campaign” is still in session!

Commemorating our major title update, we are offering presents to everyone who logs into the game.

Details on the present:

Happy Stars: 10,000
Happy Cards Free Pass: 1
Buff Pincer: 1
Skull Sword (Warrior weapon): 1
Heavy Helmet (Warrior helmet): 1
Flower Bat (Cleric weapon): 1
Psycho Head (Cleric helmet): 1
Heavenly Wings (Mage weapon): 1
Forest Spirit Hat (Mage helmet): 1

The “Newcomer campaign” lasts until June 17 (Wednesday).


Also, it’s time for “Save the KING” mode in Happy Wars.

Under the Save the KING rules, when the teammate who has worn a soccer ball and become the King enters the enemy castle, your team wins! If the King couldn’t enter the enemy castle within the time limit, the team with the KING wins.

Teamwork is key to winning, so everyone on the team should cooperate to help the King reach the enemy castle.

“Save the KING” is available until June 17 (Wednesday).


Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances to obtain this week’s new Warrior item “Samurai Set”, and Mage item “Grim Reaper Set.”

Here are the probabilities for getting Super Premium items in general, and the weekly hand-picked items in particular.

The probability of obtaining a Super Premium item is 100% during Happy Time, and 7% at other times.

The probability of obtaining this week’s hand-picked items is 50% of the general Super Premium item rate.


Class Item Name Item Type
Warrior Samurai Helm Helmet
Samurai Armor Armor
Samurai Spear Weapon
Samurai Shield Shield
Class Item Name Item Type
Mage Apollo’s Wreath Helmet
God’s Robe Armor
Zeus Wand Weapon
Blinding Halo Accessory


Happy Cards Limited Edition is available until June 17 (Wednesday).


What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know.