Smite Community Playdate Recap


On today’s livestream, we gave you all the opportunity to join us as we played a few rounds of Smite! This was the first of what will hopefully be a recurring community playdate around these parts. It was great to have you playing alongside us and cheering us on from the chat as well. Here are some of the highlights from today’s show, share your highlights in the comments!

Thor Default Card

  • We were joined in the chat by developer Hi-Rez, specifically HiRezAmanda, HiRezLancelot, and ScottGandhi
  • We played one round each of Conquest, Arena, Joust, and Assault modes
  • We played as Ymir, Ah Puch, Bastet and Thor
  • The Hindu Pantheon Party event starts today – all Hindu gods are unlocked, and save on skins and voice packs!

Ah Puch Default Card

There were some really intense rounds – lots of back and forth between the teams. We won some, we lost some, and we had lots of fun! If you missed it live, be sure to check out the replay, and we hope to see you next time!