Cherry Pop Games Announces new free content for Pool Nation FX

Pool Nation FX

If you’ve been playing Pool Nation FX this weekend, you might have noticed a few changes. That’s because developer Cherry Pop has added new features in the latest update!  Here’s the full scoop, from their press release:


To celebrate a record number of months in Games with Gold, and as promised there is another update waiting in the wings for Pool Nation FX on Xbox One, which includes a NEW ONLINE mode, in the form of Multiplayer Online Leagues. Currently scheduled for release Friday 29th May, which is earlier than originally announced, Cherry Pop Games can confirm they have brought the launch of this major new feature forward.

Gemma Jessop had this to say “We hope you agree the Leagues are a great addition to the game, giving gamers the ability to work your way up from league 10 to 1 earning coins as you go to spend in game. The difficulty level rises as you climb the Leagues, as will your opponent skill level so act quickly to get to the top, but you must play with skill to keep your position for fear of relegation! The idea behind the leagues is to provide Pool Nation fans with another free challenging online mode, with less focus on fast paced gaming and more on player skill.”

Leagues aren’t the only new addition in this latest update, Pool Nation FX now features Online Leaderboards, where you can check your global ranking against a number of factors including online wins, cash earned, experience points and more. What’s more you can now add players via their gamer cards, to give you the ability to challenge the best Pool Nation gamers to a game.

There is also a new atmospheric bar venue to play in, which not only introduces characters into venue for the first time in Pool Nation, but also further reduces online loading times. Gemma Jessop discussing the new room: “We have tried to keep this venue simple; the primary aim was to add atmosphere and life to the venue so I hope this is a welcome addition too.” This online room is used in both online mode including Play for Cash and Leagues.

This is the second major update to be released for Pool Nation FX since launch. All information regarding these and future updates can be found on the Pool Nation Blog.
Below is a summary of the patch notes released by Cherry Pop Games today:

  • New Online Leagues
  • New Online Leaderboards
  • New Online room with characters to add atmosphere to the venues as requested, and also to speed up load times online.
  • New Baize colour picker in Artistic Pool, so you can now change the table colour, add particle effects and more
  • And of course General Bug Fixes
  • Improved table lighting
  • Sounds/music normalised throughout the game