Happy Wars – This Week in Happy Wars 5/21/2015

Happy Wars 5-21 Banner

This week, we have more great content coming your way in Happy Wars. Read on to find out more about the “Item Box You Will Be Happy to Get” campaign, “Flame Mage” items, and more.

This week, Happy Wars presents the “Item Box You Will Be Happy to Get” campaign!

The item boxes you can receive after a multiplayer matches will have a greater chance of including cooler items. Join in lots of multiplayer matches and take this opportunity to get great items.

The “Item Box You Will Be Happy to Get” campaign runs until the next update.


New items and a new buff are available this week. The new items are included in the “Flame Mage” set of Mage items. The new buff, “Fire Specialist”, enhances the power of the Fireball and Magic Napalm skills.

Happy Wars 5-21_2

Class Item Name Item Type Buff
Mage Mechanical Torch Weapon Hyper Magic Shot
Flame Hat Helmet Fire Specialist
Flame Robe Armor Ambush Reliever Lv3
Fire Extinguisher Accessory Conserve AP Lv.3


This week’s Happy Cards Limited Edition makes it easier to get the newly added Mage item set “Flame Mage” and great Warrior items.

Happy Cards Limited Edition improves your chances of getting Super Premium items in general, and especially the weekly featured items.

Super Premium items are obtained at 100% probability during Happy Time, and at 7% probability outside of Happy Time. The probability of obtaining this week’s hand-picked featured items is 50% of the Super Premium item rate.

Class Item Name Item Type
Warrior Dragon Lance Weapon
Dragon Knight Shield Shield
Dragon Knight Helm Helmet
Dragon Knight Armor Armor
Mage Mechanical Torch Weapon
Fire Extinguisher Accessory
Flame Hat Helmet
Flame Robe Armor

Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until the next update.


Are you more excited about the new items, the new buff, the new campaign, or one of the other new news items? Let us know.