Happy Wars – This Week in Happy Wars 5/14/2015


Wonder what news we have for Happy Wars this week? Read on!

This week we offer our Up! Up! Level-Up! Campaign in Happy Wars!

During this campaign, the amount of Happy Stars and Happy Cards used for Item Level-Up is 25% off. Also, the amount of Item Experience Point values of the material items used for Level-Up are worth 25% more!

The power of an item increases drastically as the item rises from Level 1 to Level 15, so use this chance to level-up like crazy!

The “Up! Up! Level-Up” campaign continues until May 20 (Wednesday).


This week it’s time for “Save the KING” mode in Happy Wars.

Under the Save the KING rules, when the teammate who has become King enters the enemy castle, your team wins!.


Teamwork is key to winning, so everyone on the team should cooperate to help the King reach the enemy castle. The King is recognizable by the soccer ball overhead!

“Save the KING” is available until May 20 (Wednesday).

Happy Cards Limited Edition this week features Warrior items including the “Unicorn Sword” and Cleric items such as the “Quest Mace”.


Happy Cards Limited Edition makes it easier to obtain the weekly featured items, and Super Premium items in general.

Super Premium items are obtained at 100% rate during Happy Time, and at 7% probability at other times.

The weekly hand-picked items are obtainable at 50% the rate of obtaining Super Premium items in general.

Here are the hand-picked items featured this week on Happy Cards Limited Edition.

Class Item Name Item Type
Warrior Unicorn Sword Weapon
Unicorn Shield Shield
Unicorn Horn Helmet
Unicorn Armor Armor
Cleric Quest Mace Weapon
Quest Shield Shield
Quest Helm Helmet
Quest Robe Armor

Happy Cards Limited Edition runs until May 20 (Wednesday).


What are you looking forward to the most this week? Share your thoughts below!